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One Lincoln Street - State Street Financial Center

Thirty-six-story office tower with 900-car underground garage. Up-up and tree construction within 5 feet of historic structure. Demolition of two existing structures. 1,100,000 sf.

Weidlinger Associates cut months off the critical path schedule of the 1-million-square-foot, 36-story One Lincoln Street office tower, also known as State Street Financial Center, by specifying an up-up construction sequence. The building includes a five-level, 900-car underground garage. The foundations were laid according to conventional practice, followed by the erection of steel columns to the ground level and ground-level framing. Erection of the superstructure framing and below-grade parking structure took place simultaneously, essentially removing the basement levels from the critical path. Tree construction was used for the moment frame, which stabilizes the building against the effects of high winds and earthquakes. The floor girders were shop-welded to the columns to form tree-shaped column-girder assemblies, saving time and cost. Weidlinger also worked with the contractor and precast subcontractor to develop a cost-effective system to attach the precast to the building slab perimeter.

The adjacent Bedford building, a five-story historic brownstone built in 1876, has one basement level supported on footing foundations. Weidlinger installed a rigid 3-foot-thick slurry wall along the two sides abutting the new construction to preserve its structural integrity. The firm worked with the excavation subcontractor to design the support of excavation, which consisted of two levels of tiebacks and corner crosslot bracing.

Weidlinger was responsible for the demolition of two existing structures on the site, both supported on footing foundations: the ten-story, reinforced-concrete Bedford Mechanical Garage and the five-story, masonry 84 Kingston Building. The latter abutted the 88 Kingston Building, which remains. Demolition was phased for selective removal of asbestos and interior construction materials. The historic facade elements (e.g., precast and cast-iron archways) were salvaged for a historic monument wall for the office tower. Openings in the party wall between the demolished building and adjacent structure were filled in with minimal impact on adjacent building occupants.

Completion Date: 2003
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Owner or Client: Boston Global Investors
Prime Consultant(s): Jung Brannen Associates

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