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Honolulu International Airport - Ventilation Study

Wind tunnel study to quantify and enhance natural ventilation and air flow in Overseas Terminal.

The Overseas Terminal at the Honolulu International Airport was designed with natural ventilation so that travelers and occupants could experience the pleasant Hawaiian climate. Weidlinger Associates worked with the architect and the Airport Division of the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation to develop and rank schemes for enhancing air circulation in the terminal for users' comfort, specifically the ventilation in the passenger ticketing lobbies. Several configurations of a 1:150 scale model of the terminal and its surroundings were modeled in a boundary layer atmospheric wind tunnel to study airflow rates. Wind-induced frame pressures on the modified roof configurations were also measured. Weidlinger performed a state-of-the-art statistical and bioclimatic analysis of the airflow data. The results were then combined with local wind climatological data to evaluate the enhancement proposals in terms of their effect on circulation.

Completion Date: 1999
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Owner or Client: Hawaii Department of Transportation
Prime Consultant(s): CDS International

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