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120 Ocean Drive

Wind tunnel testing services for 20-story concrete-frame condominium building to estimate structural and cladding wind loads and evaluate occupant comfort.

Weidlinger Associates, Inc., performed a wind tunnel test of the 120 Ocean Drive building in Miami Beach, Florida. Wind forces, horizontal peak accelerations at the top floor, and cladding pressures on the building were measured from a 1:250 scale model in a boundary layer wind tunnel. The subject building and all significant structures within an 800-foot radius were modeled and tested in the wind tunnel. For the measurement of both structural wind loads and cladding pressures, pressure taps mounted on the model surface were used to measure the positive and negative pressures over the surface of the entire building.

From the wind tunnel testing the wind-induced floor loads for the design of the structural frame, the wind induced pressures for the design of the components and cladding, and wind-induced peak horizontal accelerations at the top of the building were measured from a scale model of the subject building and its surroundings. The top occupied level of the building is at the 18th floor.

Wind speed data for the project site were obtained from NOAA and a simulation of hurricane wind speeds at the building site.

Completion Date: 2009
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Owner or Client: The Congress Group
Prime Consultant(s): Bermello Ajamil and Partners

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