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Eldorado Towers

Investigation of extensive exterior and interior damage caused by Hurricane Wilma (2005) to twin 27-story, 258-unit concrete-frame towers.

Weidlinger Associates conducted a structural engineering investigation to determine the effects of Hurricane Wilma on Eldorado Towers II and IV, in Aventura, Florida. All major building components had sustained some form of damage that was either caused or exacerbated by the hurricane. The structure of the 27-story concrete-framed buildings consists of a reinforced-concrete slab system supported by concrete columns, with concrete shear walls and concrete masonry infill walls. A visual evaluation was conducted of the interior of 12 units in Tower III and 28 units in Tower IV, the common areas, the recreation building interior, and the swimming pool and parking areas. All testing was nondestructive; no building plans were available for review. The nature and extent of the damage raised serious concerns about the life safety of the buildings' occupants and users. Weidlinger expressed these concerns orally to the client and building management and reiterated them in a letter to the client.

Completion Date: 2007
Location: Aventura, Florida
Owner or Client: Eldorado Towers
Prime Consultant(s): WAI Prime; Zevuloni & Associates

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