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Downtown Flushing Phase Two - Traffic Improvements

Final design for traffic and bus circulation improvements on commercial corridor. Roadway reconstruction, utilities, lighting, signage program, gateway design.

Weidlinger Associates was selected by the NYC Economic Development Corporation as civil engineer to lead a team of design professionals and artists responsible for pedestrian and traffic improvements in historic downtown Flushing.

Phase Two of the two-phase project is focusing on traffic improvements on the major corridors: Main Street, Union Street, Northern Boulevard, and Sanford Avenue. Projections indicate a 31 percent increase in traffic by 2010, largely spurred by new developments that will bring more than 1.6 million square feet of retail/office space. To address this additional traffic, Main and Union Streets (from Northern Boulevard to Sanford Avenue) will be converted to one-way roadways, with contra-flow bus lanes. Numerous restricted turning points, as well as the many parking and commercial vehicle loading revisions, will necessitate an extensive signage program. Weidlinger also will lead the consultant team on additional urban design improvements at gateway locations on Main Street, Northern Boulevard, and Roosevelt Avenue.

Final design will begin in summer 2008, and construction to start in 2009.

Completion Date: 2012
Location: Flushing, New York
Owner or Client: NYC Economic Development Corporation
Prime Consultant(s): WAI Prime

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