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Bleecker Street Station Rehabilitation

Major reconstruction of historic station for interline transfer, including 300-foot platform extension, ADA upgrade, new entrance, elevators, utilities relocation, underpinning. 24,000 sf.

Weidlinger Associates, in joint venture with Lee Harris Pomeroy Architects, designed a major expansion of the Bleecker Street subway station. The IRT station currently provides only southbound transfer to the IND line. The uptown platform is being extended 300 feet, and a stairwell and elevators added to link the extension to the IND platforms below. New ADA-approved elevators will provide street access to both lines at Crosby and Houston Streets, and four internal elevators will provide transfer between the lines. A separate street entrance will be added on Mulberry Street. This is one of 485 stations that still have unidirectional transfer. (Passengers transferring in the other direction must exit and re-enter across the street.)

Reconstruction of the station, which has historic terra cotta finishes and a landmarked subway plaque, includes repairs to all systems, reconstruction of control areas, and relocation of major buried utilities. Extension of the IRT uptown platform involves replacing the tunnel wall; constructing a new platform, roof, and tunnel duct manhole; and re-supporting the IRT roof on the new platform roof. Excavation is necessary along an existing IRT tunnel box structure adjacent to an existing six-story building, garage, and giant billboard, which have foundations that must be deepened and stabilized. False walls will be erected to hide tunnel work from passengers. Construction should not interfere with train or utilities service.

Completion Date: 2010
Location: New York, New York
Owner or Client: MTA NYC Transit Authority
Prime Consultant(s): Lee Harris Pomeroy/WAI (JV)

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