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Underwater Shock Wave Modeling

STTR grant for refinement of underwater blast software using level sets theory to design more affordable and robust ship hulls.

The Office of Naval Research chose Weidlinger Associates to develop advanced software for predicting how explosion-created shock waves travel through water. The new software, going beyond Weidlinger's program, FUSE, can be used to design lighter, more affordable ship hulls and to defend them better against mines and torpedoes. The technology makes use in part of the theory of Level Sets, a rapidly developing branch of computational mathematics, devised for tracking complex moving boundaries, such as the surfaces of soap bubbles and ink droplets and the interface between water and explosive material. Weidlinger was teamed with Dr. Mark Sussman of Florida State University and subconsultant, Level Set Systems, for Phase II of the Small Business Technology Transfer grant. According to the US Navy, the software could also be used in the design of oil rigs and double-hulled tankers.

Completion Date: 2004
Location: United States
Owner or Client: Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Prime Consultant(s): WAI Prime; Florida State University

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