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CTTSO/TSWG Physical Security Technical Support

Participation in worldwide R&D effort, through government umbrella group, to develop and test physical security strategies. Host for workshop on transportation targets.

Since 1986, nineteen government agencies have been pooling resources to combat terrorism abroad through the Combating Terrorism Technology Support Office/Technical Support Working Group (CTTSO/TSWG). Their specific mission is to identify, prioritize, and coordinate counterterrorist (offensive) and antiterrorist (defensive) strategies, as well as to support intelligence-gathering and emergency response.

Backed by the group, Weidlinger's blast mitigation research and testing evolved beyond the protection of buildings to include protection of infrastructure. In September 2004, Weidlinger hosted a CTTSO/TSWG-sponsored workshop for US transportation authority personnel. Strategies for protecting buildings cannot easily be applied to bridges and tunnels because of the need for public access. Engineers are developing a database of basic structural responses and damage thresholds to produce guidelines for designing and retrofitting these large and unique structures.

Completion Date: 2006
Location: United States
Owner or Client: Combating Terrorism Technology Support Office/TSWG
Prime Consultant(s): WAI Prime

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