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Nonlinear Progressive Collapse

Fast-Running Model (FRM) to assess progressive collapse in aboveground fixed structures targeted by air-to-ground munitions. Single- and multi-hit scenarios; visualization.

Weidlinger Associates is developing a High-Fidelity Physics-Based (HFPB) Fast-Running Model (FRM) to assess the potential for Progressive Collapse (PC) in aboveground fixed structures that are targeted by air-to-ground munitions in both single- and multi-hit scenarios. The PC assessment tool that results from this research will be incorporated into the US Air Force Research Laboratory's MEVA (Modular Effectiveness Vulnerability Assessment) software environment. It will facilitate the development of optimized targeting plans that minimize the potential for collateral damage. The new FRM will have a short run time and 80% statistical reliability. During the first phase of this research, Weidlinger demonstrated that its theoretical approach for determining progressive collapse can be applied to moment-frame structures subjected to multi-hit scenarios.

Completion Date: 2008
Location: Eglin AFB, Florida
Owner or Client: US Air Force Research Laboratory
Prime Consultant(s): WAI Prime

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