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Pantex Plant - High Explosives Processing Facility (HEPF)

Explosives safety and blast- and fragment-resistance design for facility to combine high-explosives inspection with machining, staging, pressing, and radiography.

Weidlinger Associates provided explosives safety and blast- and fragment-resistance design services for the High Explosives Pressing Facility (HEPF) at the Department of Energy's Pantex Plant in Amarillo, Texas. The facility efficiently combines high explosives inspection with machining, staging, pressing, and radiography. It provides explosives processing and operations support areas, as well as administrative areas, connected by an all-weather ramp to explosives storage magazines and loading dock.

The structural walls and roof were designed for blast, shock, and fragment loads. Laced-concrete walls were compared with earth-separated concrete walls in a value engineering study. Blast-resistant designs were developed for the walls, roofs, and projectile barriers. Selected configurations were then analyzed using the multi-degree-of-freedom nonlinear finite-element methods of Weidlinger's FLEX software to ensure sufficient confinement and proper detailing. The storage magazines and loading dock were located to provide intraline separation distances for Hazard Division 1.1 in accordance with 6055.9-STD DoD Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards and DOE M 440.1-1 DOE Explosives Safety Manual.

Completion Date: 2006
Location: Amarillo, Texas
Owner or Client: US Department of Energy
Prime Consultant(s): CH2M Hill

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