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Airblast Modeling - MAZ Simulations

Study using MAZ airblast modeling software to characterize bomb explosion loads on structures, including air pressures and fragmentation produced by fracture of bomb casing.

An important aspect of modeling the response of structures subjected to blast pressures is the accurate characterization of blast loads. Although simple formulaic engineering models, such as BlastX and ConWep, can provide some guidance for general blast characteristics, complex structural and environmental geometries call for more detailed blast calculations. For this study, Weidlinger Associates used its MAZ airblast modeling software to focus on the interactions between a bomb's explosive burn and the fragmenting casing and to improve the characterization of the bomb blast loads on the structure, including both the air pressures and the fragments produced by the fracture of the bomb casing

In general, the firm uses both the MAZ and GEMINI CFD codes to simulate the energy release of the explosive and the resulting blast pressures as they propagate outward from the blast source and impinge upon structures of interest. The firm successfully simulates a range of explosive threats, from small satchel charges in close proximity to structural components to large blasts, both in close proximity and at a distance in complex urban settings.

Completion Date: 2005
Location: Vicksburg, Mississippi
Owner or Client: USACE Vicksburg Consolidated Contracting
Prime Consultant(s): WAI Prime

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