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Department of Transportation Headquarters Building

Structural and blast engineering for two Class A office towers for 5,000 employees. Concrete superstructure and precast cladding; two levels of below-grade parking for 950 cars. 2,000,000 sf.

Weidlinger Associates provided structural design and blast engineering services for the new Department of Transportation headquarters in Washington, DC. Located on an 11-acre parcel in the developing Southeast Federal Center, the 2-million-square-foot complex consists of a nine-story western tower and eight-story eastern tower, which will house the agency's more than 5,000 employees. Two levels of below-grade parking for 950 cars are also planned. A multi-story lobby leads to adjacent first-floor space, which contains a large assembly area. Each building has a central linear atrium. Although the towers are not physically connected across Third Street, the transparency of their atriums creates a visual link between them.

Completion Date: 2007
Location: Washington, DC
Owner or Client: JBG Companies
Prime Consultant(s): Michael Graves & Associates

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