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Yankee Stadium Rehabilitation

Structural stability review to ensure public safety after major failure. Immediate repairs to baseball stadium and connecting garage, subsequent inspections and repairs.

Weidlinger Associates conducted a condition survey of Yankee Stadium and the connecting garage structure. The scope of work included inspection of the entire stadium to make sure that all dangerous situations affecting public safety were identified and repaired. The survey also included water infiltration, which was evident throughout the structure. The inspection was carried out so as not to conflict with the Yankees' schedule. A database was created to prioritize items in need of immediate correction before July 15. Weidlinger initiated testing of the 106 tension cables, which took place initially in an unoccupied stadium. Selected cables were re-tested in the afternoon for temperature effects, and again in a nearly full stadium during a home game with Atlanta.

Basic structural engineering tasks, completed before the season opened, included removal of spalled and loose concrete and patching with Sika 123, provision of steel plate supports to upper-deck seating, vomitory support and garage stair tower repairs, installation of a permanent catwalk for future inspections in the mechanical space, expansion joint refurbishing at lines 9 and 75, and outrigger reinforcement at the upper tier toe where necessary. The stadium was structurally safe for the opening of the new season. Maintenance and equipment replacement programs were specified in the final report to enable the stadium to serve the public for an extended period of time.

Completion Date: 1999
Location: Bronx, New York
Owner or Client: NYC Department of Design and Construction
Prime Consultant(s): WAI Prime; Lehrer McGovern Bovis

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